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Ethics & Compliance

Letter from Patrik Florencio, Amicus Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Every company speaks of its dedication to ethics & compliance. Amicus is of course no exception – we are deeply committed to performance with integrity. Important sources of our strong commitment are the tone and direction from our CEO and Board, as well as the unusually strong bond and friendship between members of the Amicus leadership and executive teams which permeate the culture of our organization.

As colleagues, we respect and trust each other. As friends, we go the extra mile to support each other in our mutual corporate objectives. And this cuts across all departments. It is that support, and understanding that compliance is a shared responsibility, that makes Amicus so special and its commitment to ethics & compliance so meaningful.

Patrick FlorencioPatrik Florencio, Amicus Chief Compliance & Risk Officer

Code of Conduct

Our Global Code of Conduct is our guide to performing with integrity around the world. It is founded on core principles and sets expectations for everyone who works at Amicus. The Code’s principles-based approach allows business decisions to be guided by our values, and by the rules set forth in our underlying policies and procedures.

The architecture of our Code is based on four core principles – a commitment to patients, to employees, to communities, and to shareholders. Having one set of values directing our behaviors across the globe allows us to act consistently on key matters regardless of context or country.

Download our Global Code of Conduct – English, French, German.


At Amicus, we demonstrate our integrity by never engaging in bribery or corrupt practices. This is vital to maintaining the trust of our employees, of the patients we serve, and of the customers and partners with whom we work. We do not solicit, accept, offer, promise, or pay bribes — whether directly or through a third party.

We further demonstrate our integrity by knowing the identity of our clients and others with whom we do business, and by adhering to global anti-bribery standards. Where we suspect criminal behavior, we take appropriate action.


Patient Organization Support

Patients and the advocacy organizations that represent them are at the heart of everything we do. It is the mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters – the real people who live with rare disease – who are the focus and beneficiaries of our work. To do that great and meaningful work we need to be great listeners and learners. We need to understand the true burdens of the individuals, families, and caregivers living with the rare diseases we seek to alleviate, and to grasp the medical needs of those rare disease communities. That understanding in turn informs and energizes everything we do. Such is the foundation and premise for our interactions with patient advocacy organizations.

Annually, Amicus publishes a list of its financial support of European Patient Organizations. Although we are not a member of EFPIA, we follow the standards for such reports set out in the EFPIA code, which is implemented at the national level through the country-specific codes of EFPIA’s member associations.

Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) & Healthcare Organization (HCO) Disclosures

Amicus has a singular mission. To make medicines that improve the lives of patients living with rare disease. In the pursuit of this mission, we collaborate closely with HCPs and HCOs. Such interactions occur, for example, when we conduct clinical trials, gain critical medical insights regarding how our medicines are used and how we can improve them, and when we share up-to-date information about our research and products at scientific congresses. In all such interactions, we are committed to providing science-based, truthful, and non-misleading information about our products, and to paying no more than fair market value for needed and legitimate services.

A growing number of countries around the world are adopting laws that require companies to make public the level of funding they provide to HCPs and HCOs, such as for research and consulting. Amicus is committed to complying with such transparency laws and with the transparency codes of the pharmaceutical industry associations of which it is a member.

Reporting a Concern

At Amicus, we believe that speaking-up is crucial to our culture and to our long-term sustainability. It is a living example of our values. When something doesn’t seem right, speaking-up shows integrity and the courage to do the right thing. It helps prevent mistakes and misconduct, while also promoting continuous improvement. It is because we care about our employees, patients, customers, and business partners that we take speak-up so seriously.

To report a concern, please click on the following link, which will take you to our EthicsPoint hotline site. Your report can be made on a totally confidential and anonymous basis. You have our guarantee that your comments will be heard.